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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Welcome to the Blog!

In this blog I will be recording how myself and my production partner, Alex Burke, created a music video, a digipak and a magazine advertisement.

This is our production company youtube channel:

Alex Burke's Blog:

The three tasks:

For the music video, we recreated 'The Doors - People are Strange'. Our filming location was a hotel, with a cast of 7. It is a similar concept to that seen in '30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill'. Our protagonist, who is being followed throughout the music video by members of the staff and guests, start to imagine and hallucianate. We used multiple layering and ghosting, as well as distorting fast camera work and the use of colour filtering to get this across. We also used slow motion effects and cut shots to the beat.

We created a proffesional looking digipak go to alongside the music video and magazine advert. We took these photograuphs from our filming location.

We then created a magazine advertisement to accompany the previous. We once again used photographs from our filming location on this, with editing effects done in photoshop elements.

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  1. an image from your vid, or even of the location, would be an idea in here!


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