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Friday, 25 March 2011

Evaluation Q3 - What have you learnt from your audience feedback

On our main product which is our music video, after our first rough cut the general feedback was that there were to many shaky shots and not enough of the cast lip syncing throughout. The audience feedback also told us that we needed to included more editing such as layering or ghosting effects to link to the song title, which is People are Strange. After this audience feedback we did some re-shooting with extra cast members and had more lip syncing, so the audience felt as though they understand the preferred narrative better.

After this we re-screened it to students who do not take media studies, and they found our video very entertaining but to change the ending, so we looked at it and decided to have the whole cast closing in on the main protagonist as though they had been looking for him throughout, which helped them understand the preferred narrative. We also included more locations within the hotel, which included the dining room, which we had a member of the cast in a chef hat to add to the mise en scene, the room with a spiral staircase and chandelier, the bar and outside the hotel. This helped the audience see the location we had chosen to film in and see why we had chosen this location, compared to something else. We had also incorporated more editing such as ghosting up the stairs which the audience liked, the layering of the chess game throughout to link to the game the cast are playing with the main protagonist, following him through the hotel. We also decided to had colour filters to the end of the video, which links to the film The Doors, which uses colour filters throughout to add to the 'strangeness' of the band and single.
From feedback on our original digipak, we realised that we needed to have one image throughout the inside cover, instead of two different images. This is because this follows conventions of other digipaks and makes it more professional. We decided to use the theme of the hotel as the front cover, the spiral staircase and chandelier as the inside cover and the back door out of the hotel, so it has a continual theme throughout. We have included the tracks included on the greatest hits album on the back, aswell as the doors website, our production company email, the record label website, the record label logo and the production number, and the copyright of our product.

From our magazine advert feedback, we realised that by only having one simple image with no editing, people found it boring, so we decided to edit an image into the background which was the image we used on the inside cover of our digipak, and a room which featured in our music video. After our first draft we realised that we didnt advertise our digipak enough on it, aswell as that we have included a music video in our digipak. We have also included the doors website, the record label and the digipak picture at the bottom.

Draft 1 of our Magazine advertisement :

We were told due to copyright we couldn't use a picture of the band so we decided to use the cast of our music video in the style of 'strange days'. Atfer audience feedback on this draft, feedback told us not to include the tour dates, but to promote the idea of the digipak further and make it stand out. We were also told to not use the digipak folded and to just use the front cover of this.

Draft 2 of our magazine advert:
On this draft people did not like the black surrounding the text, as it blocked out a lot of the image which was more important to see.
After audience feedback on the first draft we decided to incorportate a ghosted image of the spiral staircase and the chandeleir which links to our music video and our digipak.


From audience feedback everyone enjoyed the final version of the magazine advert, as there was nothing blocking the image and by shrinking the digipak it looked more proffesional. We also incorportated the Elektra record label logo, website and the doors website.

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