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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Gary Numan 'Cars'

My idea for this music video would be a teenager in a suit , signifying his wealth and importance. I would then include many shots of the inside of the car, such as dice and an air freshener, to appeal to a youth audience. I would have this set in a slow motion, to show a build up to something, then include different shots such as gold spinners on his wheels, different patterns of paint on the car, then move onto the setting around the car, instead of the actual car. The setting around the car will include many shots of other cars, but then a large machine that looks as though its use to crush things. Then the establishing shot would be used and you finally see the car, an old car made to look good, being driven into a car impound ready to be crushed.

The Doors 'People are strange'

We heard this song in class without looking at the video, then had 6 minutes to think of how we would go around directing this music video.

My idea was that a group of very different people would be standing at the entrance to a shopping centre, including a Clown, a Magicion, a footballer, and a teenage 'Hoody', to show the variation. It would start off with an establishing shot of the whole shopping centre, then quick cut shots to the people entering shots they normally would not have, for a comical aspect. From this, It would keep on cutting at a fast speed until the end where special slow motion effects would be used exiting the shopping centre, all together with their arms around each other, to show the bond between completely different people.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Feminism and Post Feminism

Feminism is an ideology that women should be equal to men. Post-Feminism is a new ideology that say women have acheived that and are not being exploited by men. An example would be the music video 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga, where she appears to be prostitute being bought by men. Feminists believe she is being exploited by men for record sales, although Post-Feminists believe she is in control. In our video we have a lack of women, but we have decided on this due to the difficulties of casting on the day, and also it reflects that there are actually no women in the band, which may be percieved as sexist but we try and stick to conventional aspects of the band.