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Friday, 4 February 2011

AB - History of Music Video

Early forms of “Music Video” (Pre-1930s) came through the use of short musical films. These films featured many bands, vocalists and dancers. The film was Art-Deco animations and backgrounds with the film of the performer. 

In the 1930s, performers were starring in cartoons where they would perform their song in live-action during the cartoon. 

Throughout the 40s musicians carried on creating short films for their music. These short films were seen as the ancestors of music video.

One of the first breakthrough of a real music video would be ‘The Animals’. Their song ‘House of the Rising Sun’ was a high quality colour performance video of the band lip-syncing. This was in 1964.

In the early 70s, promotional clips grew in importance. Bands were able to show these on TV when they weren’t able to do live performances. The Doors had backgrounds in film making and created two promotional clips. These were for “Break on Through” and “The Unknown Solder”.

The late 70s were the beginning of music television, with shows such as Top of the Pops, dedicated to music performances, were starting to screen music videos.

The start of the 80s was the start of music video mainstream. In 1981, MTV launched with 24/7 running of music. With MTV, music videos would be a key role in the marketing of music. This was evident in 1983 when Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' was released as a 14 minute video. It was the most expensive video at the time, costing $500,000.

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AB - Treatment - People Are Strange

Treatment - People are Strange

AB ( with editions)- Magazine Research

Classic Rock

A British magazine, that was created generally focusing on the music generation between the 60s - 90s. The first issue was in 1998 and is still going in a paper-back and online version. The Doors are still fairly referenced in the magazine after a quick 

This would be a good choice as I think we would find a good fanbase from the readers of the magazine.
Rolling Stone

An American Magazine that focuses on Music, Politics & Popular Culture. It's first issue was in 1967 and is released every two weeks. This is also a potential choice, although with the mixture of new music,  and other subjects of interest. I don't think it will have a big as impact than it would have in Classic Rock. But due to the huge circulation, this may be different.

A British music Magazine featuring older and newer generations of music. Its first issue was in 1993.
Advertisement Idea
The idea would be to have two seperate, single pages. One near the beginning of the magazine, which uses an image of the band and the title of the band (using their original font). This could also be a freebie poster for the user as well. A working progress features below.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7
Image Source:

Later within the magazine would be a second advertisement. This time it would be revealing the release of the digipak.Working progress features below. (Excuse the tour dates)

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

We have decided to produce our magazine advert for a quarter of a page, as this is a popular band but has also lost some of the interest that it previously had. From looking at existing magazine adverts we also want to include the digipak at the bottom of our magazine advert, so it clearly shows what we are advertising.

Other information we plan to include on our magazine advert is release date, the doors webite, and information on the bonus DVD

Scenes in video

AB - Casting

  • Barman - 
    • Shots of Barman cleaning glasses as well as serving the Protagonist. 
    • Singing lyric into the camera
    • Barman closing up
  • Cleaner - 
    • Holding broom &lamp; wearing apron and yellow gloves and bucket
    • Knocking on door
  • Business Man
    • In the reception area, sitting down reading newspaper
    • Briefcase on the floor - Newspapers on table in front
  • Waiter
    • Cleaning dishes in kitchen
    • Comes out when protagonist calls (raises hand) leans over and then sings lyric into the camera
  • Young Teenager (male)
    • Wearing a hoody
    • Walking past protagonist in corridor, on phone. Lyric then into camera
  • -Undecided-
    • In dining, getting ready to eat.
  • Possible Transsexual
    • Coming out of ladies, sings lyric into camera 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

JB - Physchedelic Rock Codes and Conventions

The Doors - Touch Me is a purely performance based video, featuring the whole band but with a lot of emphasis on Jim, the main singer. There is not a great shot variety, but there are some closeups of the instruments being played, which fit nicely with the song.