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Friday, 4 February 2011

AB - Casting

  • Barman - 
    • Shots of Barman cleaning glasses as well as serving the Protagonist. 
    • Singing lyric into the camera
    • Barman closing up
  • Cleaner - 
    • Holding broom &lamp; wearing apron and yellow gloves and bucket
    • Knocking on door
  • Business Man
    • In the reception area, sitting down reading newspaper
    • Briefcase on the floor - Newspapers on table in front
  • Waiter
    • Cleaning dishes in kitchen
    • Comes out when protagonist calls (raises hand) leans over and then sings lyric into the camera
  • Young Teenager (male)
    • Wearing a hoody
    • Walking past protagonist in corridor, on phone. Lyric then into camera
  • -Undecided-
    • In dining, getting ready to eat.
  • Possible Transsexual
    • Coming out of ladies, sings lyric into camera 

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