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Friday, 25 March 2011

Evaluation Q4 - Use of new media technology

Compared to the previous year, the footage we have obtained is to a much higher standard due to the HD cameras we were able to use this year, which has hugely increased the proffesional look of our music video, due to the wide angle lense, which helps get a larger framed shot. This has helped us especially due to us filming in a hotel, where the mise on scene is very eccentric. This in comparison to the SD cameras last year is a huge contrast, as the footage last year looked as though it was of a much lower standard compared to this years, and that the finer details this year were picked out, such as the King falling over in our music video.

At the start of the editing phase we used IMovie09 which is a huge improvement to the previous IMovie we had used last year, as we were able to look at a clip in finer detail and break it down, which meant that lip syncing and positioning clips were to a much higher standard compared to the previous year. We could also sync he music a lot easier than we could last year, as it was a lot easier to import and cut, as there are different layers.

The editing facilities we had this year had been extended to final cut, which has been a huge success with the fact that we were able to do layering and add ghosting effects into our music video, to help it shape the narrative and how this music video was meant to be 'strange', which links to the title of the song. The layering was also very helpful on final cut as we could change the opacity and move clips over one another, as the files can be split up into multiple layers, unlike many other of the editing types.

The new updated blogger is also very helpful because with widescreen blog it is easier to upload videos and for them to be able to fit on the page easily, with them not overlapping. I feel that it also has a better layout than previous blogs.

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