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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

JB - PreNarrative to music videos

This is where in the opening to the music video, something happens that can often relate to the song, but it happens before the song is actually being played.

Examples of this is Smash Mouth - All Star where they are choosing one superhero to star in their video, but in the format as though this is actually taking place on the same day that the video is. In the prenarrative section to the music video Ben Stiller is actually in it.

Another example is Guns n Roses - Welcome to the Jungle where a bus pulls up by the main protagonist, which links to the song but is not actually part of the narrative, as it just sets the scene of the video. It could signify that the jungle is the city we live in, rather than the jungle as the tropics we know of.

Our idea to include this is where the car pulls up to the hotel and the guy gets out, which is when the narrative actually starts. We are doing this to include some diegetic sound in the video but also so the audience has the chance to see the place in which the song is going to be set.

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  1. Good - important to show you're choices are informed by industry/format/genre conventions!


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