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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Doors - People are strange (music video idea 2) (j)

My second idea for The Doors - People are strange is a concept idea set in a hotel.

The main protagonist will pull up to the hotel in a car, with the weather being very dull and raining, to link in with the lyric 'faces come out of the rain'.

When he gets out of the car a farmer is walking past and the main protagonist puts up his hand in a friendly gesture, but the farmer comes right into his face and mimes 'people are strange'

When he gets to the hotel, the main protagonist is then waiting at reception when the reciptionist goes very close to his face miming 'people are strange', which is the main concept of our video.

He then walks to his bedroom and passes a bride who is clearly drunk and goes into his face and once again says 'people are strange'.

Once he gets into his bedroom, a cleaner walks in and walks straight up to him and mimes 'people are strange' again.

After this, he then heads to dinner where he sits down and the waiter comes right up to him and mimes 'people are strange'

He then looks around at different people, some of them with food filling their mouths and clearly try to say 'people are strange' to him again.

He then heads back to his room but on his way past a window a ghostly figure in the window mimes 'when your strange'

A video with the idea of a hotel is 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill

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