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Thursday, 30 September 2010

ALL - People Are Strange - Original Music Video

Set in France

0.06 - Cuts to a performance shot of Morrison singing into a microphone stand

0.14 - Fade in transition to singing in urban area

0.18 - “Streets are uneven when you are down” – Shots of street floor then a child who looks unhappy

0.23 - Cuts to the band

0.27 -  “Faces come out in the rain” Cuts to a man signifying he is looking at the band

0.33 - “No one remembers your name” Cuts to same man signifying he is hiding from band behind a pole

0.52 - “Women seem wicked” To a woman signifying she doesn’t look happy/looks scornful

1.12 - Fade transition of band to Morrison performing

1.20 - “Faces come out of the Rain” cuts to a shot of a face in a picture

2.09 - At end, Morrison performing does same fade but to band members

There seems to be a lot of emphasis on Morrison, there are few shots of other band members and when there is, Morrison is generally zoomed into. This may be because of his growing reputation as a pop star and the producers wanted his stardom to make these videos a success.

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