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Thursday, 27 January 2011

JB - Audience Feedback - Test Footage

After screening our test footage to our classmates, they picked up a number of good and bad points of the test footage.

The first was the lack of different rooms. Throughout the test footage we were only in four different places. We are changing this by adding more locations with more props and characters at these locations.

The second was the lack of shot variation, especially the canted angle. This suits the song and from the audience feedback we realize we need to use a lot more canted angles, but also more odd shots, wether it being from extreme close ups to extreme long shots.

The third was the lack of cast. Even though this was test footage without our real cast, we realise that getting a number of different people in different costumes is important, as it adds to the strange feeling you get when watching this music video.

From our audience feedback people were impressed with the location we had managed to get hold of after weeks of trying, and felt this plays a big part in our music video.

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