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Sunday, 9 January 2011

JB - Digipak Research

What is a Digipak?

  • A digipak is a patented type of CD or DVD case.
  • It includes a typically card or paperboard surrounding with plastic trays inside to hold the CD in.
  • Digipaks are used over traditional CD cases for such items as special releases, singles or band DVD lifetime hits.
  • Digipaks are better for the environment than triaditonal CD cases due to the recylability of them.
Information found on a Digipak

  • High quality pictures mostly of the band but can also be of the song title for a single.
  • Artist information including the name and logo (can often be found inside a booklet in a Digipak)
  • The record label for the artist / band.
  • Lyrics if it is being sold as a single
  • Thanks / shoutouts from the band / artist
  • Copyright and barcode
  • Latest tours / how to find out about these (possible websites or fanpages)
  • The symbol for the band / record label
  • Track lengths
Our Digipak Idea

As we are doing a music video for The Doors - People are Strange, we had the idea of two large traditional castle doors on the front cover of our Digipak, which then opens out with each door from the middle to reveal a booklet including information about the band. Another page back will be the cd case and on the back will be the song lyrics to People are Strange.

We are going to keep to the traditional style of the doors, which includes a picture of the band. This will be on the front cover of our booklet. We will also use the same style of font which is used in all of The Doors album and singles.

We will include information on our digipak such as the Band name, a sticker which says its a digipak including bonus DVD the people are strange music video and that it is a greatest hits digipak. This information will be on the front cover of the digipak.

On the inside of the digipak, we plan to have a picture spanning the whole length of the digipak, with little to no information on it but sleeves to place the DVD and CD.

On the back we will include track names, record label website and symbol, our production company and email address, and the doors email and website. We will also include the song writers, barcode and copyright information.

On the spine we will include The Doors - Greatest Hits, production number and record label symbol.

This is an example of the glueing process in a factory producing Digipaks. Not my own work.

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