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Monday, 12 July 2010

Our Practice Pitch

The song we were given to pitch on was 'Old Crows ' by Alexisonfire , chosen by Joel Colborne. This song was randomly shuffled so we had not done any research prior to this pitch on the band, as it is not the sort of music I tend to listen to!

We will be pitching on what we would expect to see in a music video of this genre, with some of our personal research involved.

Who is the target audience for this band?

The audience for this band will be people that are generally interested in the genre 'post-hardcore', as they had the opportunity of major record labels in 2004 / 2005, but turned them down as they thought they would have more potential staying independent.

Give some detail of the media language you would employ in this music video!

In this genre it is generally fast paced editing between tracks, but may differ depending on the song. There would be dark lightning with may different shot angles and different length cuts, to always keep the audience interested, as that is one of the aims of a music video.

Consider the representations your video might contain, linking back to target audience!

As the target audience is generally people who are just interested in this genre, than people interested in mainstream bands / songs, it would be a common stereotype to see the band playing on stage, but also may see fast paced editing between some other shots and fading back to the band.

Is my idea typical of the genre, or perhaps challenging it?

If i were to create this video, I would have the video based on the lyrics of the song, which in this case is 'Old Crows'. By doing this, I would show a none band member carrying out this story-line of lyrics, so that signifies that the lyrics don't just affect the band, but a lot of people who listen to. A stereotype i would incorporate into the music video would be the band actually playing this song on a stage or in a studio.
What resources would I require in terms of cast, cast skills, locations, props, costumes, make up, SPX and camera / editing equipment to realise my full creative potential.

I would need footage of the band playing the song Old Crows, and some other footage to link back to the storyline of the song, which involved a range of different topics, from metaphysical rebellion, to living as normal. The band say it is the culmination of the history of their band. 

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